Hershon Law has helped families through the emotional and time consuming process of closed and open adoptions. In California, sexual orientation is not a factor in becoming an adoptive parent.

Another non-traditional adoption is adult adoption. Often, this is done to create a legal heir, but there must be a parent-child relationship in order for the court to approve the adoption (the adopted adult cannot be a spouse or life-partner).

Stepparent/Domestic Partner Adoption – For forms and instructions on how to adopt a stepchild, or child of one’s domestic partner, see the two simple forms and instructions here.

San Diego Court Site

Adoption for non-stepparents/domestic partners:

  • Agency adoption – the Dept. of Social Services or a licensed adoption agency is involved.
  • Independent adoption – neither the Dept. of Social Services, nor a licensed adoption agency are involved.
  • International adoption – the child to be adopted was born in another country.

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