Divorce, Legal Separation & Annulment

Hershon Law has handled divorces, legal separations and annulments since 2007. These proceedings can be extremely stressful and complicated which is why you should have an attorney skilled and familiar in these areas to guide you through the process.

Time is of the essence in your case. There are many deadlines to navigating the Courts. Also, there may be hearings requested that can be determinative of the future path of your case. For instance, restraining orders can effect employment, child custody, and spousal and child support issues. You do not have time to delay in hiring the right attorney to assist you.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Let Hershon Law assist you in getting an equitable solution to the thorny issue of spousal support in divorce. Whether making sure that the correct income and deductions are used to calculate temporary support – or battling at trial over issues of marital standard of living or having the court consider the supported spouse’s underemployment, Hershon Law can offer the guidance its clients have trusted for a decade.

Child Support

For a decade Hershon Law has assisted its clients in navigating issues of child support. California has legal provisions for child support orders in family law cases involving children.

To estimate your potential child support liability Hershon Law can assist in running some potential calculations to inform your strategic decision making in finding the optimal approach to your individual case.

Spousal Support

Hershon Law has helped hundreds of clients achieve optimal resolution to their spousal support issues. Factors important to spousal support determination can include, among other things, the length of the marriage, the parties’ relative incomes, consideration of a party’s underemployment, the standard of living during the marriage, etc. In addition, new case law is made by the Courts very day, so it’s important to have an attorney who is aware of the wide diversity of case-specific case law that may apply to your unique situation.