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Hershon Law is a law firm focused on serving our clients with personal attention, reasoned strategy, and where required – unrelenting aggressive adversarial advocacy. We are proud to have served hundreds if not thousands of good people going through bad times – and we enjoy the challenges we face with our clients in selecting a holistic long-term strategy to better their lives as well as those of their family. Our logo is a compass as we feel it is important to remember our clients expect our direction and also to remind us that in the emotional world of trial advocacy, it is important to have a sense of moral direction as well.

Hershon Law was founded in 2007 in Carlsbad, California by Joshua Hershon. Hershon attended law school in Virginia and is a Certified Specialist in Family Law, as designated by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. Hershon has also served on the Office of Assigned Counsel – defending criminal defendants appointed counsel by the County of San Diego.

Hershon is a member of the California Bar, the Federal Court bars for the Eastern and Southern Districts of California, the Intertribal Bar of Southern California and a myriad of professional organizations such as the Inns of Court.

Hershon possesses Certification in Mediation and has participated in extensive study and application of negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration.

Hershon has in the past held such valuable and rare experiences as working in the US Senate office of Senator Byron Dorgan(ND) – where Hershon distinguished himself researching and writing analysis and press releases on the effects of proposed “hedging” laws on mid-western grain elevators vs. the effect of such laws on Wall Street.

Hershon also had experience working on Wall Street, stratifying mortgage portfolios into asset-backed bonds. While in New York, Hershon also worked for the largest hotel brokerage in the world (at the time), before moving to Los Angeles to administer pension programs, 401Ks, and profit sharing plans – participating in one of the largest third party administrative company rollups in the country.

Joshua Hershon, Esq. CLS-F

Joshua Hershon
Founding Partner
Joshua Hershon has worked on Wall Street, in a US Senator’s office, and managed his own law practice. Although he has done criminal defense and civil litigation in the past, his current practice is focused on family law–specifically adoption, divorce and child custody issues.

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