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HERSHON LAW – California Family Law since 2007.

Joshua Hershon, Esq. CLS-F

Board Certified in Family Law by the State Bar Board of Specialization since 2013

San Diego Court-Appointed Childrens’s Counsel

San Diego Family Law Bar – Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel Mediator

Joshua Hershon

Joshua Hershon has focused on solving problems in family law such as divorce and child custody issues for the past two decades.

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Federal Court – Eastern District of California

Federal Court – Southern District of California

Intertribal Bar of Southern California

Hershon Law was founded in 2007 in Carlsbad, California by Joshua Hershon, a Certified Specialist in Family Law, as designated by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

Having practiced in a variety of areas and tribunals, Hershon’s background in criminal defense provides a unique depth of perspective for his family law clients and their children.  While many attorneys claim criminal law experience, attorney Hershon has served on the San Diego County Office of Assigned Counsel (and the Private Conflicts Counsel as it was called back in 2007) – defending criminal defendants as appointed counsel by the County of San Diego, where the Office of the Public Defender is unable or disqualified.