Cyber Bullying

As Facebook and Twitter become more popular, Cyberbullying is becoming increasingly prevalent in schools. Cases of Cyberbullying have rocked the country with effects ranging from the victims not attending classes out of fear and shame to suicide.

How to Protect Your Child from the Dangers of Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying encompasses text messages to online posting on websites. As of 2009, the California Assembly amended the Education Code section 48900 to include: any student can be suspended or expelled for engaging in an act of bullying, including, but not limited to, bullying committed by means of an electronic act. Despite this legislation, a National Cyber Security Alliance and Microsoft survey which claims just 26 percent of K-12 teachers surveyed have taught kids how to handle Cyberbullying, versus 15 percent who have spoken to students about hate speech online .

So if you have any reason to believe that your child is being cyberbullied, let school authorities know. Legally, they have the tools readily available to ensure your child has a safe environment to learn and is not targeted on campus. If for some reason there is no action being done or you have any questions regarding whether the conduct has become harassment our office is able to assist you with the legal remedies to protecting your child.

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